Friday, November 30, 2012

Customer Service

Here are some of the brands that have the best customer service I've experienced:
E.L.F Cosmetics:
some people say that they have terrible customer service, and that when they receive a damaged item and try to contact e.l.f, they say something along the lines of "oh well." That is nothing at all like what I've experienced. Here is an email I've sent to them and their response to me:
From me:

A couple of items in my order arrived damaged... Is there any way I could get a replacement? Thanks!

Response from e.l.f:

We apologize for the items missing or damaged in your order. Please let us know which items are missing and/or damaged and we will immediately either issue a refund on your credit card or reship the item, if we have it available. We are very sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

Sincerely,the e.l.f. teame.l.f. Cosmetics Affordable LuxuryPh. 212-239-1530 

So, I told them exactly what I recieved damaged, they didn't even ask for proof of damage, but asked for my order number and sent them. For free. With no shipping costs. How great is that? And, especially from such a cheap brand! Most cosmetic brands selling dollar products would not give you a free product refund if you were unsatisfied. That's just the way things are... but not from e.l.f!

sephora will give you a full product refund if you are not happy, if it was damaged, even if you don't like the shade that you ordered. They will even fully refund or replace a half-used product! Frankly, that is quite amazing. You could basically order a bunch of stuff you wanted, test out everything, wear it a couple of times, and return everything for no cost... not that I would ever do that, but that's pretty cool anyways. 

"Free shipping, free returns, all the time" is what Nordie's is known for. I HATE paying for shipping, hatehatehatehatehate it. I'm about to order something that's you know, say ten bucks, and then it pops up that I have to spend another whooping 20 for shipping! Seriously? It's not fair. But, even with a two dollar order from Nordstrom, you get free shipping. It just makes you want to press "Place Order". 

Thanks for reading!

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